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Basic Labor Rates
In Shop Labor Rate (Hourly) $40.00
On Site Labor Rate (Hourly) $55.00
Trip Charge
All of Henderson, Parts of Las Vegas
$25.00 Flat 
Trip Charge (Areas not covered above)* $50.00
 Flat Rate Charges
Estimate for Repair
External Modem Installation
Network Card, Sound Card, Internal Modem etc.
Operating System Reload
Includes: Hard Drive Reformat and Windows or System Disk Install.
Note: Customer must provide licensed Software
Extended Service Rates
Virus Removal
Note: Does Not include above OS reload is necessary
File Archive on CD or Floppy Disks 
(system drivers, documents, photos, favorites etc.)
Photo Scanning
Note: images saved to .bmp, .gif, .jpg, other formats available on request.
Document Scanning
Note: images saved to MS Word file extensions and Text Format. other formats available on request **
Computer Lessons (Hourly)
Basic lesson of performing common tasks on the pc, performing maintenance and accessing the internet
Phone Support
Phone Support is available for $25 per hour if you buy 5 hour blocks of time.

Web Page Design Price
 1 to 2 Basic web pages without sound or animation
 1 to 2 Basic web pages with sound and animation
 3 pages or more without sound or animation  (price per page)
 3 pages or more with sound or animation (price per page)
 Multimedia pages (Flash, Streaming Video or Sound)   Contact Us

* Additional 35/mile (beyond 50 miles)
** Document Scanning by default is saved to MS Word file extensions and Text Format.    Requests for other formats will be considered based on the capability of the scanning software. (i.e., Software may not be able to save some documents in the actual format that it was created in, such as spread sheets.)