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Tired of disconnecting and reconnecting your computer to have it worked on? We can repair most systems in place and if we cannot we will do all of the disconnecting and reconnecting for you.
Wouldn't you rather be in the comfort of your own home when your computer receives service?
We will come to you, work can be done in your home or we will pick up and deliver. What ever is most convenient for you.
Don't you think it would be better if the person working on your PC had real life experience?
We work in the field every day, we know what is going on in the industry and how that information relates to you.
Tired of being made to feel like anything other than the paying customer?
We understand that without you there is no us, our livelihood depends on your satisfaction


A Note From the President
My name is Jason McAdams, I am the Owner/President of Xtreme Pc. I am a Certified Computer Electronics Specialist and Computer Technician. I am also Certified in the Configuration and Maintenance of Computers. I am currently employed as a Data Technician for one of the largest networking companies in the country. I hope that your experience with us is a pleasant one. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at