Issue #4

Boink is the only national sex magazine published by and for college students. Boink deals openly with sexual themes that are relevant to college-aged men and women. It features graphic stories, prescriptive advice, confessions, and nude pictures of real local university students.

The fourth issue of our award winning rag is available in Boston area stores now. Subscribe today to have it delivered directly and discreetly to you anywhere in the country.

Boink Interactive is now available.

A digital version of our magazine, called Boink Interactive, is now available online. Existing subscribers have the option of converting their print subscription to digital. New subscribers can get get the print version, the digital version or both for a special discounted price. Get Boink Interactive now.

Submissions are now being accepted for the Boink Book Contest. The categories are fiction, non-fiction, illustration (including photography) and modeling. The editors of Boink will judge the submissions. Those selected will be published and distributed by Warner Books through major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Borders. All published work will be paid. A $15,000 cash prize pool will also be shared by the top contributors in each category. Submissions must be original work that has not been previously published. Contributors must be enrolled as a full- or part-time college student at the time of submission.

Submissions must be received by September 30, 2006. Submissions will be judged in the order that they are received. Due to the limited number of submissions that may be published, earlier entries will get priority consideration. Winners will be announced in an issue of Boink at the time the book is published. Students may submit in more than one category with multiple submissions per category. Each submission must be accompanied by a signed . Each submission must follow the guidelines set forth in the appropriate document for its category. (, , )

The Boink Burlesque Party at the Middle East was a big hit!

Babes in Boinkland performed to a packed house downstairs at the Middle East in Cambridge. The girls put on an amazing a show leaving many in the crowd in need of a cold shower. We are also happy to report that the Cambridge Police came to enjoy the show rather than shut us down, unlike their brothers in blue across the river. Viva la People's Republic of Cambridge! If you missed this party you DON'T want to miss the next one. Get on our Email List to make sure you are invited.

What's the Buzz?

- What’s the official Fleshbot verdict? Pretty straightforward, actually: Boink fucking rocks. Nice production, some truly sexy articles, gorgeous photography and an editorial focus that gives equal weight to hot guys, hot girls.

- Boink, billed as "the college guide to carnal knowledge," is something "everyone would be interested in reading, with the possible exception of my mom.

- Boink features real students as their models, sans stylists, Photoshop and airbrushing… It is the possibility of seeing your bio lab partner posing in one of the risqué layouts that is one of the magazine's main draws…

Boston University Dean of Students - The University does not endorse, nor welcome, the prospective publication Boink.

The Washington Post - Boink has been shunned by the BU administration and is beholden to no one.

The Boston Globe - …the last frontier may well be what Boink is peddling: naked pictures of people you know. If not literally the girl next door, then at least the one you've spotted across the lecture hall in Psychology 101.