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Boink is what happens when a group of undergrads from a major Boston area university decide to publish a sex magazine. Boink is the only national adult magazine made by and for college students. We deal openly with sexual themes that are relevant to college-aged men and women. Inside our pages you will find graphic stories, prescriptive advice, confessions, and naked pictures of REAL university students (not the fake ones that are all over the internet).

Boink has been featured in media nationally and internationally on MTV, Howard Stern, CNN, Inside Edition, NPR, The New York Times, The Tyra Banks Show, The Washington Post, Stuff, The Boston Globe, Vanity Fair, Playboy, and Playgirl to name a few.

Issue #6 Available in October
Issue #6

Following an extended hiatus while we worked on our book, boink magazine is back! The 6th issue of our award winning mag will be shipping in October.

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Boink: The Book - Coming from Grand Central in Feb 2008

Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books), a divsion of publishing giant Hachette, has purchased the worldwide rights to publish and distribute BOINK: THE BOOK. Available from bookstores nationwide on February 11th 2008, BOINK will feature writings about sex from and provocative pictures of real college students from around the country.

Booksellers wishing to carry this title should contact . Retailers or individual affiliates outside the book trade wishing to become resellers should email [email protected]

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What's the Buzz

- What’s the official Fleshbot verdict? Pretty straightforward, actually: Boink fucking rocks. Nice production, some truly sexy articles, gorgeous photography and an editorial focus that gives equal weight to hot guys, hot girls.

- Boink features real students as their models, sans stylists, Photoshop and airbrushing… It is the possibility of seeing your bio lab partner posing in one of the risqué layouts that is one of the magazine's main draws…

- Boink, billed as "the college guide to carnal knowledge," is something "everyone would be interested in reading, with the possible exception of my mom.

Boston University Dean of Students - The University does not endorse, nor welcome, the prospective publication Boink.

The Washington Post - Boink has been shunned by the BU administration and is beholden to no one.

The Boston Globe - …the last frontier may well be what Boink is peddling: naked pictures of people you know. If not literally the girl next door, then at least the one you've spotted across the lecture hall in Psychology 101.